What Are Jet Ski Wear Ring Symptoms and When To Replace Them ?

When you own a jet ski, parts of the machine suffer more wear and tear than others. The jet ski wear ring is a metal or plastic ring that anchors the impeller tightly to the engine. However, why is it so important?


Jet ski wear ring symptoms appear as decreased acceleration and speed, a feeling that the jet ski has bogged down, and inconsistent movement in the water. In addition, you will see grooves on the jet ski wear ring that indicate a need to replace the wear ring. You should replace the wear ring when you notice these issues.


This article will explain the importance of the jet ski wear ring, how to inspect it for wear and tear, and the best time for a replacement. This is critical information to keep your jet ski at peak performance when you own a jet ski.

How Does a Jet Ski Wear Ring Work?

The jet ski ring works to maintain a tight connection between the impeller and the housing. The pump that supplies the pressure to power the jet ski has three parts.


  • Housing
  • Wear ring
  • Impeller


The impeller and the wear ring are two parts that experience the most wear and tear. You should replace them at the same time. Here’s a video on how to replace a wear ring:



Signs You Need To Replace the Jet Ski Wear Ring

Engine Struggles

When you notice your jet ski isn’t operating at peak performance as before, you should inspect the wear ring. Problems with the jet ski wear ring will result in feeling like you’re lurching through the water instead of moving smoothly on the top.


If the engine bogs down, this means that the carburetor is funneling too much fuel to the motor. Too much fuel stops air from coming into the engine, which keeps the engine from reaching full power and slowing the jet ski.

Grooves on the Ring

Upon inspecting the jet ski wear ring, if you notice scuffs, grooves, or cracks. Over time the gap between the impeller and wear ring grows more significant, leading to too much wear on the ring. To function at its best, the wear ring and impeller must fit together tightly.


Another common cause of grooves on the jet ski wear ring is when the bearings wear out. This causes the impeller to wobble and create grooves in the ring.

Pump Cavitation

A central part of the jet ski design is to force water out of the pump to propel the jet ski forward. In the process of sucking in the water, bubbles form. These bubbles create shock waves that erode the metal over time.


The causes of poor water flow are several.


  • Clogged filters
  • Constricted hoses
  • Increased fluid viscosity
  • Congested water inlet


You’ll notice pump cavitation by feeling abnormal vibrations, higher than the usual noise levels, seeing erosion on the impeller, and higher power usage.

Reduced Acceleration

If you notice your jet ski isn’t as powerful as it once was, the problem could lie in the jet ski wear ring. When the wear ring develops grooves, the impeller’s lack of a tight connection can cause some loss of power and acceleration. The water may come into the intake at the proper pressure but shoot out at half pressure when the ring needs a replacement.


Removing the impeller and visually inspecting the housing, wear ring, and impeller can often tell you if this is the problem.

How To Replace a Jet Ski Wear Ring

There are multiple ways to replace a jet ski wear ring.


Change the Jet Ski Wear Ring Yourself

The Sea-Doo forum has instructions on how to change the jet ski wear ring yourself to save some money. The process is straightforward.


  1. Remove the intelligent brake and reverse bracket.
  2. Remove the jet nozzle of the jet propulsion system.
  3. Remove the jet pump and the impeller.
  4. Freeze the jet pump and new ring for one to two hours.
  5. Using a hairdryer, heat the pump to remove the old wear ring.
  6. Heat the pump once more and tap the new, frozen wear ring onto the pump with a mallet.
  7. Reattach the neoprene seal and replace the impeller and cover.
  8. Insert the jet pump, jet nozzle, and intelligent brake and reverse bracket.

When Does Sea-Doo Manufacturer Recommend Wear Ring Replacement?

The Sea-Doo manufacturer recommends replacing the jet ski wear ring when you notice that the ring is no longer smooth and shows visible scratches. They say to check the jet pump regularly for signs of wear and tear. When you see a gap between the impeller and the wear ring, it’s time to change the ring.

Caring for Your Jet Ski

  • After using your jet ski, attach a hose to your machine to flush the lake water out of the engine, pump, and cooling system. You only need to do this for a minute to flush out the debris.
  • Check your oil level. Wait for one minute before checking the oil level to ensure an accurate reading.
  • Check under the jet ski for rocks or tree limbs stuck in the impeller. Some owners suggest swishing the backend of the jet ski in the water before removing it to clear anything lodged there. Make the closest inspection to the impeller and intake grill.
  • Cover your jet ski when not in use. This protects the whole machine, including the motor and jet pump.


The jet ski wear ring is a critical component of how your machine powers through the water. Regularly inspecting the ring is a great habit to cultivate. Catching the wear and tear before it damages your jet pump can save money and time.


Consider replacing the plastic jet ski wear ring with a stainless steel version. The stainless steel costs almost twice the cost of a plastic ring, but at around $200, the steel lasts longer and gives better performance.

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