how much does a canoe cost ?

When taking on a new hobby, you need to consider its costs and necessary purchases to make adequate room for it in your budget. This rings especially true for canoeing, a hobby, and sport that requires a hefty initial investment. That’s why you need to be very well-informed before making a big purchasing decision like buying a new canoe.


The average cost of a new, good-quality canoe is $1325. That said, the price can vary a lot depending on the vessel’s size, quality, and condition. If you’re on a budget, you can opt for a second-hand one with an average price of $680.


In this article, I will take you through:


  • Every detail you need to know about the average price of a canoe.
  • How is a piece priced, and why is it so expensive?
  • What else do you need to take into account when buying a new vessel?

What Is the Average Price of a Canoe?

The average price of a new canoe is around $1325. Although, if you take into consideration lesser-known brands and stores, the average price for a new model would probably be closer to about $1000. The price can vary from piece to piece.


This happens because you can find a great array of models and qualities available, which sometimes makes it harder to be confident that you’re getting the right price. Depending on the model, size, material quality, shape, mastery, and whether the vessel is new or second-hand, the price can fall anywhere between $260 and $3500.


To find a single average that might give you an idea as to how much a new, decent quality canoe would cost, I have gathered information about 35 of the most popular models and their respective prices.


From Old Town’s $830 Discovery 119 to Souris River’s $3200 Quetico 17, the possibilities are endless.


On the other hand, if a second-hand canoe would fit better within your budget, then the average price of the same 35 models (but this time when sold as used) came out at $680. Again, if you go for a newer or more obscure brand, you might get an even better deal.


But keep in mind that when buying a used piece, you can’t guarantee a good condition, so study what you need to look for when buying, or even better, get a more experienced canoer to help you out.

How Is a Canoe Priced?

A canoe is priced based on several factors, such as the base materials, size, model, shape, brand, shipping and import costs, and other considerations. The first and most crucial factor would probably be the material used to build it.


The costly price tag primarily comes because of the high costs of the manufacturing materials.


Canoes, especially high-end ones, need to be built in a way that makes them durable and light simultaneously, and specific materials need to be used to achieve this effect.


You can probably get a variety of plastic canoes under the $500 mark. This will be an ideal choice for you if you’re an occasional canoer who likes to stay away from more challenging waters. However, using wood or some form of Kevlar composite might drive up the piece’s price because of the cost of these higher-quality and more durable materials.


If you’re looking for a balance between quality and price, then fiberglass or Royalex composites might be the way to go.


However, even these plastic-blend materials can get pretty costly due to their qualities.


The size and model also play a part in the manufacturing costs, meaning that bigger and newer-model vessels will inevitably be priced higher than their smaller or older counterparts, as with most of the products you buy.


Another factor that is considered when pricing a canoe is the general shape and mastery delivered by the piece’s designer. More aerodynamic, elegant, and brand-name pieces are more likely to lean towards the higher end of the price spectrum.


Other factors that affect the price of your vessel include shipping costs, regional laws and regulations, and, as mentioned above, whether you opt to buy new or second-hand.

What You Need To Consider When Buying a New Canoe

The first thing you need to decide on before buying a canoe is the purpose for which you’re purchasing the piece. Whether your canoeing is recreational, marathoning, racing, camping, or other purposes, it will significantly affect the kind of product that will suit you best.


After deciding on your purpose, you need to decide on the material, length, hull shape, and seat type that would be best tailored to your particular kind of canoeing.



For example, if you’re a casual canoer, a plastic or Royalex piece can be a great affordable alternative for you. If you lean more towards paddling and enjoying the scenery, and if your budget allows for it, you might want to look into wood canoes.


On the other hand, look into the fiberglass options if you prefer more difficult waters that require sharp turns and high speeds.


Lastly, if you’re looking for the perfect boat for a flatwater trip, a Kelvar composite might be the way to go.


After choosing your ideal material, you should also think about the vessel’s length that would best suit your purpose, as well as the hull shape. Last but not least, you should make sure that your seat is durable, comfortable, and nonrestrictive.


Before buying a new vessel, you should think about the reason for this purchase and what characteristics you should look for in a product to make sure it is suited to your needs. After determining the purpose, you need to choose the materials, canoe length, full shape, and seat type that would best fit it.


Canoeing is an entertaining but also an expensive hobby.


The average price of a new, good-quality canoe hovers well above the $1000 mark. The second-hand alternatives, although undeniably cheaper, can still empty your pockets, with an average cost of around $600.


Several factors are considered when pricing a canoe, most of which contribute to the piece’s high price tag. These factors include materials, models, size, shape, brand name, import and export laws, and other factors.

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