Why do canoers kneel ?

Excellent canoeing is an art that takes quite some years under one’s belt to master. But, whether you’re a novice or a canoeing expert, there are a few basics you need to at least have a grasp on. One of them is the sitting position.    Often, you’ve seen canoers kneeling more than not. But …

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Will a Canoe Sink ?

Sinking is probably the first thing that comes to mind when considering the risks of canoeing. However, many factors work together to determine the risk of a canoe capsizing or sinking. A canoe will sink if it lacks floatation aids, used in harsh weather conditions, or if it carries above its weight limit. Besides, the …

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Why do Canoes Float ?

It’s always a sight to behold seeing a canoe or any other water vessel float on water, yet it’s supposed to sink especially considering its heavy weight. Of course, for a number of people, this unique phenomenon passes unnoticed as it’s just too common to see a water vessel float. But there’s quite a lot …

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