Can you use Ice Fishing Rod in the summer ?

Ice Fishing is a great experience in the wintertime. We dig holes in the frozen lakes or rivers to get the best catch for ourselves. When spring comes, the ice melts giving way to sparkling water under the sun. You may still want to catch the new season fish for your lunch or dinner table. You may have an ice fishing rod and wonder if you can use it for fishing in the summers.

Yes, you can use your ice fishing rods in the summers. Though they may not be as effective as the regular fishing rods, you can still catch pan fish with them. It is also a great device to teach young ones about fishing. Also, as a workaround, you can tie the ice fishing rod to a wasted rod and make yourself a makeshift summer fishing rod.

Fishing gear makes all the difference in a fishing trip. It helps you feel the fish biting your bait that gives you the proper timing to pull the hook. If you want to know more about if you can use your Ice Fishing rod in the summers, this is the best article for you. We bring to you an in-depth discussion on ice fishing rods and if you can use them in the summers.

Ice fishing rods

Ice fishing rods are small devices used to fish through ice holes. They are typically two to four feet in length. They are usually made of graphite or fiberglass. The graphite ice fishing rods are lightweight and more sensitive. On the other hand, they are expensive. The fiberglass ice fishing rods are more durable and come at a lesser cost.

You may wonder why your ice fishing rods have a shorter length. Ice fishing is done through small ice holes. It requires the ice fisher to have greater control over the rod and the line. Hence the short length. Also, many times, you may want to fish in an ice shanty or in an ice tent. This restricts the space and you need a shorter fishing rod. A shorter rod also allows you to pull and hold the fish out of your ice fishing hole. You may need both hands to handle a bite in the regular fishing rods.

Next, shorter rods don’t absorb the vibrations. This gives you ample idea if the fish is biting your bait. This is important as in winters, fish become sluggish and you need to sense their small pulls and tugs for maximizing your catch. Off course, it goes without saying that smaller fishing rods are handy in catching small to medium-sized fish. If you are after the big catch, you will need the conventional rod.

Regular fishing rods

On the other hand, regular fishing rods are five to seven feet long. They are built to absorb strong vibrations that you may feel when you catch a big fish. Usually, big-sized rods have the line wound on a reel. It is meant to cast the bit over the waters. In other words, you can go for fish in deep waters. They are ideal for warm water conditions.

Can you use ice fishing rods in the summers ?

Yes, you can. Though regular rods are best for summer fishing, here are a few scenarios where you can use your ice fishing rods in the summers:

To fish near the shores

If you want to catch fish near the shores, these smaller rods are a good fit. You can even consider fishing for smaller fish a little ahead of the shore. These rods are sensitive and you can gather a lot of panfish or similar aquatic creatures. The small size of ice fishing rods makes them easy to carry as well.

To test the fishing waters

You can use ice fishing rods to test the summer water. If you are not sure if the lake of river site is good for you, try using a small rod to test your luck. If everything goes well, bring out the regular gear. Though you will be able to catch small fish with the ice fishing rods, you will come to know if fish is biting your bait in that location.

To train the young fishers

You can also use these rods to train the young children. These devices are excellent to pass on the art of fishing. Young people will find it easier to handle and catch fish using smaller fishing rods. Ice fishing rods are also available with reels. Your young trainees can graduate into regular fishing rods once they learn to use the ice fishing rods.

To save your money

If you are unwilling to buy a regular fishing rod, you can convert your ice fishing rod into a regular fishing rod. Get yourself a wasted regular fishing rod and tie the ice fishing rod to it. Or grab hold of any other flexible rod and do the same. Though it may not be that effective, you can still catch fish with it in the summers.

Rod length and ice fish

You may wonder how to select a rod length for different ice fish. Here are some pointers for you:

Pan fish

If you plan to get small fish that don’t put up a fight, use short-sized rods of up to two feet in length. They are flexible and more sensitive to small fish bites.

Pike, trout, and musky

These are bigger fish and put up a fight. You will need bigger rods. Use rods of length four feet to get the best of the bigger ice fish.

To sum it up

You can use your ice fishing rods for summer fishing if you want to do general fishing. For more serious fishing activities, you will need proper fishing gear. It is recommended to use regular fishing rods for warm water fishing as fish in summers is more agile than ever. They tend to put up a big fight and you will need all your effort to bring them up.

We hope, you liked our digest on using ice fishing rods for regular fishing. Keep fishing all year long!

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