Can you take your Dog Ice Fishing ?

Ice fishing can be boring without companions. You may have to wait for hours before you get the quantity of fish you are looking for. If you have a dog, you may consider bringing him along for the ice fishing trip.

It will give you company and make you feel happy. Before you do bring in your dog for ice fishing though, you may wonder if you can actually take your canine friend on your ice fishing adventure.

Yes, you can take your dog ice fishing. It is fun to have canine company during an ice fishing adventure. You may have to check with the local laws or the ice fishing site policies before you do so. Also, you may have to cater to the special needs of your dog while he is out with you on the trip. And yes, do remember that your dog does not disturb any other ice fisher in the vicinity.

There are several factors to keep in mind while you take your dog ice fishing. It is usually a good experience to take your dogs on ice fishing expeditions. If this will be your first time with your dog on an ice fishing trip, this article will guide you to the fine points that you may need to know. These points are useful both for first-timers and people who take their dogs for ice fishing.

Dogs and ice fishing

Dogs are a man’s best friend. They give you good company when you are lonely. It is believed that dogs have evolved from wolves. Humans got in touch with dogs over 15000 years back. Then they use to function as hunt-gatherers. Dogs come in various sizes. The smallest dog to be recorded was a Yorkshire Terrier which was about 9.5 cm long and 113 grams in weight. The largest recorded dog was a Saint Bernard which was 250 cm long and 167.7 kg heavy.

Ice fishing requires you to wait for hours before any fish takes the bait. The waiting period can be boring. To avoid it, you can take your dog ice fishing. Their antics are both amusing and entertaining. You will love to watch them and pass your time till you get going with the fish hunt. Also, once the fishing activity is over, they serve as perfect companions till you reach back home. A mature, well-trained dog can also sense bad weather and caution you in advance.

People have been taking dogs to ice fishing for a long time. Huskies and Saint Bernard are known for their ice handling capabilities. They have a thick coat and are well adapted for cold conditions. However, you will need to train your dog to behave himself on a fishing trip. Since you need to be present by your fishing rods all the time, you will not be able to keep a check on them.

Factors to consider while you take your dog on ice fishing

There are several points to consider while you take your dog ice fishing. Some of the important ones are:

Check the local regulations

Dogs may not be allowed at your ice fishing site. It is better to check the local rules before you start your ice fishing adventure. Or if you need to apply for a license before taking your dog out on an ice fishing trip, do so.


Keep your dog on a leash

Unless your dog listens to your verbal commands, keep your dog on a fixed leash. You don’t want to disturb other ice fishers while they are trying out their luck by their ice fishing holes.

Keep your hooks and bait securely

Dogs are curious by nature and go for anything new to them. They can harm themselves with the fishing hooks or gulp your bait in one go. Keep them securely in a closed box. Otherwise, you will have to leave everything and rush your dog to a vet.

Check your dogs’ health before the trip

You don’t want to be stalled with a sick dog in the middle of the trip. So check his health before you leave. Also if your dog is old, it may have pain in its bones and joints. Avoid taking them on a fishing trip.

Cover your friend with a waterproof coat

Even though your dog may brave the cold weather, it will be better to provide him with a waterproof coat. It will keep him dry and warm for the entire trip. Consider buying a dog coat if your dog doesn’t have one.

Take a blanket for your dog to sleep on

Due to the cold weather, take a blanket or a rug for your dog to sleep on. It will make your canine friend happy and comfortable. It is especially useful as it gets very cold during the night.

Supplies for your dog

You will have to feed your dog during the ice fishing trip. Usually, ice fishing sites are far away from the markets. So remember to pack supplies for your dog. This includes any medication that your dog may be taking.

Drinking water

This needs a separate mention. The winter air is dry. It will dehydrate your dog easily. So keep providing your dog with ample drinking water at regular intervals.

Keep your dogs away from augers and chainsaws

These tools are easily found on an ice fishing site. Keep your dog away from them.

To Summarize

It is a great experience to have your dog by your side on an ice fishing trip. You will never be short of entertainment. Your canine friend will keep you busy all the time. If you keep the above points in your mind, your trip is sure to be a successful one.

Your dog will love the ice fishing trip and you will have lots of pleasing memories to take back home. We hope that this article has provided you with enough information to take your dog ice fishing. Do let us know how your ice fishing trip went with your dog.

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