Can You Sleep in an Ice Fishing Tent ?

Ice fishing sites are usually in remote places. They are devoid of any motels or rest houses. You will typically find ice and wilderness all around. If you are planning a day trip, you will need to come back much before the sun sets in. This will reduce your ice fishing experience. So you may wonder if you can stay overnight at the ice fishing venue. Can you sleep in an Ice Fishing tent?

Yes, you can sleep in an ice fishing tent during an ice fishing trip. Many people do it and enjoy the time in the icy wilderness. For sleeping in an ice fishing tent, you will need a good quality, cold weather tent. It needs to fit in several factors to qualify for sleeping in the ice fishing weather. You will need to choose from specialized tents that are available specifically for ice fishing.

An ice fishing tent is an important part of your gear when you decide to sleep outside during an ice fishing trip. Since you need to select it with care, you may like to know the factors to consider before buying it. This article will discuss in detail the various points you need to consider while selecting an ice fishing tent. It will also briefly discuss the other important gear that you may need to survive in a very cold ice fishing climate. Read on to find more.

Ice fishing and tents

Ice fishing typically has a very cold climate. The situation worsens when the sun goes down. The cold temperatures combined with chilly winds make it difficult for anyone to survive without proper gear. If you are planning to camp the night out during an ice fishing trip you will do well to select the proper tent for yourself.

Tents are temporary structures used for sheltering men and equipment. The history of tents goes back to the Bible era. Also, the Roman army camped in leather tents. The major change in tents took place when the tent material was replaced (from leather) with hemp or cotton. World War 1 saw the use of large tents for providing shelter and support activities. Tents are a popular choice for spending the night out. Trekkers and campers nowadays prefer lightweight tents which can be easily put in backpacks.

Ice fishing tents have to be robust for you to survive the cold climate. It means the very line between life and death if the weather turns foul. Choosing the right tent and maintaining it are the key factors for your survival in the wilderness. Here are a few points that you will need to consider while you purchase your ice fishing tents:


An ice fishing tent needs to be made of heavy-duty material that will save you from the cold weather. It needs to be robust so that it can protect you from the ever-changing conditions in an ice fishing site. The main thing to look for is the Denier number of the tent material. The higher this number more is the more durability of the tent. The material will be more robust and thick, providing better resistance to temperature and winds. At the same time, the tent will be heavier and more expensive.


You will need to stay protected from the cold. Understandably, the more the insulation, the more the protection. This is crucial in sub-zero conditions. You will need to check the insulation R-value. This number is depicted by an ‘R’ in the beginning. The R-value signifies the tent’s capacity to store heat within it. The higher the R-value more will be its insulating capacity. It is even better if you can choose a tent with flooring as the majority of the heat from ice fishing tents leak from the bottom.


An Ice fishing tent should be portable for you to carry with you. If you are planning to use ice scooters, you can opt for one or two big tents for the entire group. On the other hand, if you will be carrying it in your bag pack, you will do well to carry smaller-sized tents. Also, remember to check if you can easily erect and dismantle the tent.


Ensure that the tent(s) provides enough room for all the members of the ice fishing trip. If the tent is too small, you and your friends will have difficulty adjusting to it during the night. Also, if it is too big, you will be wasting valuable effort carrying a heavier tent with you on the trip.

Other tent features

Always try to get a tent with heavy-duty features. Make sure that the zippers, liners, stitching, cords, etc are of high quality. It is a bonus to have vents or windows in your tent. This will help you control oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in your tent.

Other gear that you may need when you sleep in an ice fishing tent

There are a few other important stuff that you may need when you sleep in an ice fishing tent. They are listed below:

Sleeping bags

It needs a special mention here. You will need to sleep inside sleeping bags to stay warm. Check its temperature ratings before using it for ice fishing. They are available in Down insulation or synthetic insulation. Buy the one which provides the maximum insulation and can be squeezed to the minimum size. Typically Down insulation sleeping bags fit this specification but are expensive.

Folding Cot

you don’t want to sleep on the ice floor of your tent. Thus you will need to get yourself a lightweight, folding cot for your ice fishing adventure.


You can either use a battery-powered heater or propane heater to heat up inside your camp. Remember to keep all material away from your heaters.

CO2 monitors

You will need to monitor the carbon-di-oxide levels inside your camp. Use a portable CO2 monitoring device for the same. It is better to carry two such devices – one for use and the other as a backup device.



As you have read you can sleep in an ice fishing tent and we have given you our guide. Please rad our other articles on ice fishing to further your knowledge.

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